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Tait Scoring The Winner In Tomorrow’s Director Ranjith Directed By Raju Formed ‘Titum Well’ ..!

N H. Gary H. Charles Emmanuel prepared on behalf of Silver Screen Picture ‘titum well’. In rare circumstances the naming of the Tamil Film picturesque Tamil words’ titum well as the beauty of the Tamil directorial debut with Title Ranjit Raju. He is winner of the title in tomorrow’s director of the short film competition.
For everyday purposes, the film is a story about three friends who engage in small theft. Well, it’s happening to someone doing their damage could occur. The motto of the Tamil people from good quality film titum will have to select the taittilaiye. Action thriller film evolved. Although the film is based on Norwegian culture and a new experience for the audience watching the film, the film, says the director Ranjith Raju.
The film also starred as one of the three heroes Ranjith Raju, the other two heroes Sandeep Raj, starring Shiva. Sandeep Raj has already acted with Kamal in the tunkavanam. .. He has acted as heroine Aparna Balamurali ‘8 bullets’ hit debut with the Tamil audience. She is the wife of one of the three friends, acted as the film’s central character.
By Jose plays another important role lijime from Kerala. He looked in Malayalam film starring Aparna contract to another character in the lijimolaiyum The film also stars in director Raju Ranjit picked up and moved.
Kavinraj to make the video, ‘anywhere anytime’ cicatya The film’s music is by reputation. Raju says he will be the backbone of the film songs and backing music director Ranjit .. Moreover, since he studied film editing at the Adyar Film Institute observed the editing itself. The shooting took place in Chennai and surrounding areas. The finishing works will be present at the music launch of the film is to be held soon.
Surprised look image for dealers cinkaravelan issues around the globe.

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