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Tamil-speaking actors should be given more opportunities in films: Sai Priyanka Ruth

Sai Priyanka Ruth on her ‘dream debut’, Gangs of Madras and why she is open to doing more content-driven roles.

Not every newcomer would get a powerful role in her debut film (Gangs of Madras) like Sai Priyanka Ruth, who effortlessly pulled off Razia Sultana, a character that swung bottles at men, showing care-a-damn attitude. “Not only that but also I had a ‘mass’ interval-block involving heroic slo-mo walks and a terrific background score,” smiles Priyanka.

The actor, who made heads turn with CV Kumar’s second directorial venture, says she would continue to seek roles that are different and off the beaten path. “There is zero thrill when you do a spate of usual roles. In fact, why I am content doing Gangs of Madras is that my role was a lot like me: bold and free-spirited. I didn’t ‘act’ at all. Razia talks like me and behaves like me. She is someone who uses her brain as much as she uses her physical strength. With so many strong female-oriented subjects around, it is a great time for women in Tamil cinema. If a role is honest, the audience will like it, for sure,” adds Priyanka.

The first-time actress cites this as a reflection of society. “It shows that women are taking charge of their lives. Of course, cinema is someone else’s imagination that gets translated on to the screen. But films do reflect the society that we live in,” observes Priyanka, who has earlier done smaller roles in several films.

Sai Priyanka Ruth believes only hard work and the right choices will keep her moving ahead in this cut-throat competitive world. “The film industry is a difficult place to be in. Especially, you are starting off and if you come across as choosy, it doesn’t go well with many. Moreover, I don’t have any backing. I am a self-made woman,” she shares.

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