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Thodari Review

Thodari is one of the most expected film as it created a huge buzz as the star dusted actor danush who’s critics have been expecting a film without commercial element. The story starts with a train journey of an express from delhi to chennai carrying a politician, played by radharavi. And one of his NSG guard, harish uttaman who has sparks flying with dhanush every now and then starts developing a sense of grudge against the pantry boy played by dhanush Dhanush works under thambi ramayaah who gives audience the element of comedy to the film along with Kanuakaran. This humor parts takes the audience out of boredom and gives audience something to distract with, instead of breaking their heads wondering about the story. Dhanush falls for saroja, who is a touch up girl for an actress. The plot begins to pace up after the interval when the train fastens after the death of train driver in his cabin. Harish uttaman who has grudges on dhanush utilises the oppurtunity to seek revenge. While media sensationalise the news. Will the hero save his girl who is in trouble or let the desTiny win over him is the climax. The camera angles and music is a wonderful combination and sure to give a visual feast while the editing has also contributed greatly to the film.

Pros: The Star Cast

Cons: storyline isnt strong enough for the starcast

Vedict: A better script would have taken movie to heights


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