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‘Vampire’,Which Is The Best Screenplay For Chandramukhi

‘Vattari’ is a movie produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja and Abi & Zee from Studio Green. Varalakshmi, Athmika and Sonam Bajwa are the heroines to cast Vaibhav in this film, which is produced by comedy with horror thriller. Sonam Bajwa is already pairing with Vaapu in the film ‘Ship’. Apart from them, Karunakaran, Motta Rajendran, Ponnambalam, Chetan, Janvijay, Ravimaria, Mim Kobe, Lukasabha Manohar and others have acted.

Dakhey has directed the story of the film and directed the screenplay. Prakash has composed the background score for the film ‘Yama Bhoomam’ to see the cinematography of the film.

The press conference of the film was held at Prasad Label in Saligram, Chennai this morning. The producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja, Director Deeke, Vaibhav Sonam Bajwa, Ponnambalam, Chetan, Janvijay, Ravimaria, Mim Gopi, Lakkuzabah Manohar and film crew participated in this event.

All the actors who participated in the event were impressed by the appearance and costumes of the character in which they were accepted.

This is the first time that actor Ponnambalam will come after the release of Biggas. This is the fourth day after the shooting of the film, Ponnambalam has gone to Picasso’s home without telling anyone. Speaking on this occasion, Ponnambalam said, “Director Deeke has given the most important character in this film, as we put everyone in Picasso’s house, to give director Dakhek the title of ‘Dracula King’.

Actor Chetan said, “I love to do comedy .. But everyone is watching me seriously .. Tamil film 2 has broken up this story and it continues to be a happy comedy in the movie Vampire.”

Lukasabah Manohar said, “I have acted in a magician role in this film .. Dakhee took me to Sri Lanka to make me acting, and that’s how he put me in the scene of the poisoned injuries.

Ravimaria’s speech in the film crew was shocking and dysfunctional to the media..It came within the film, Shitingspot kalatas,

When Ravimaria spoke, “Cinematic Strike came in five days in the film. When Strike finished shooting, director Dakke called me and gave him a different character and said that he was the superstar. It was only after that, that I almost changed my eyes to the third heroine. Half a rampa changed me.

The heroine Vaibhavu and Karunakaran have seen me all the time and the heroine of the film .. I have noticed that even though these little things are sad, I am acting in this role to be a new experience. Until now, I have acted as a villain, villain, comedy. You’re a comedian Cinematography I’ve put me in the new character.

After the Chandramukhi in the horror films, the film is being created in a new type of screenplay. It is a vampire. I think it is different from the script.

He was a new experience .. he was kissing me in a scene .. he asked me how to protect my armor. Another heroine Sonam Bajwa was with me

Music composer Prasad said, “I’m afraid of horror films in general. That’s the horror of the film and it’s the night that I am compelled to compose music.”

Power Films Factory Sakthivelan said, “It is a harvest season for Studiogrine .. Festivals are putting the pujas on something new … The film is ready to release on important release dates and this vampire will be a huge success.”

Manu Vaibhav said, “I’ve been loving the producer Gnanavel Raja for four years to make a film in the studio green company. This vampire got the chance.”

Director Deeke said, “I do not worry about the next but I’m afraid that the film is not going well, but I trusted the film and gave me the opportunity to play this film.

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