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Vels university Panache Events & Branding – The Womens Empowerment Award 2018

In collaboration with the University of Wales provide Panache Events & Branding company “Women’s Personality Awards 2018” in Pallavaram Shivalaya arena on the campus of the University of Wales, held this morning at the grand. Jharkhand Governor at the ceremony of Draupadi murmu they participated as special guest in various fields, a special lecture delivered record-breaking 12 awards to achievers.
On the occasion of the special guests, the award winning women welcomed Speaking Wales University Academic Vice Aarti Ganesh, “2018 Women’s Personality Awards Our journey as a landmark. An ordinary teacher from the state governor have risen Draupadi murmu them, today’s young generation’s greatest inspiration has provided him this fall Pride for us to be present as the special guest in £. The awards are given to 12 people from different sectors. Thanks to the jury who will choose them.
Established in 1992 with 36 students and more than 25,000 students and 5,000 teachers in our Wales with education today is active. More than half of the women, so that they take pride in carrying the authority of bettering the ceremony, His Excellency the Governor of the state of Jharkhand and Draupadi murmu great thing to be attended by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales, Dr Ishari K. Ganesh said.
Receiving the award on behalf of actress Radhika Sarath Kumar speaking, “women’s personality awards provided to us Wales University thanks. Women None of us can not run, the servers ourselves. From various industries, we awards. Serving what we want to take, but we want to do is clear, to be sure Entum “he said.
Tamil In the morning, saying in his speech opening the special guest of Jharkhand Governor HE Draupadi murmu, “this modern society of being developed, has always been. Indian Our catanaiyarkalai seeing is honored. Cinnapillai their state’s proud woman. Anti-social elements to alleviate the social management needs. Educational institutions a community Loraiyum encourage. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has functioned best for them. Recognition should be available to women in the community, “he said.
At the ceremony,
1. Ms. Radhika Sarath Kumar – Arts and Culture
2. Ms. esmalarvili – Education
3. Ms. cimakesvari IPS – public
4. Dr. Regina J. Murali – Education
5. Ms. Ruby’s Beauty – physical training.
6. Ms. Vijayalakshmi Devarajan – Community Service
7. Dr. kepirem Santa – Education
8. Ms. Bonnie Prince – Entrepreneur
9. Dr. Sridharan arivalaki – Education
10. Ms. Vimala Britto – Community Service
11. Mrs. Indira Rajendra – Education
12. Ms. Laxmi Chitra – Entrepreneur
The awards were given to 12 people. Awards were given to the teachers who worked in college as well. Vice President of the University of Wales jotimurukan, rejistrar viramani, Xavier Britto, attended the ceremony graced by Redefining Kumar Jena.

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