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Vikram Vedha Review

Vikram vedha

Story line: the story line is taken from story of vikramadithyan vedhalam. Madhavan plays the character of vikramadithyan and vijayseathupathy plays the role of vedhalam in a modern way of crime thriller script . The film begins with an encounter operation that ends in some of Vedha’s men getting killed. And even as the team plots another encounter to finish off Vedha, the criminal surrenders — and, narrates a story from his life to Vikram before managing his ‘escape’! This happens two more times, but his stories are actually riddles that Vedha wants Vikram to solve, and lead him on to something that the two of them want.Director’s pushkar and gayathri will the first two heroes of the movie. Back bone of the story is script that convey the story very clearly without any lag .Good placement of the song pushes up the movie to good level. Bgm and song where fresh,  yenji song is one of the trade mark of the music album in the song.  Madhavan’s role was designed in unique way. And he add justice to the role with his unique acting performance , he looks so charming in all the frame came,Vijayseathupathy a hard core rowdy , he is the perfect casting for the role .  He score with his causal acting , stylish gestures  and with the way of his dialog delivery.  Verdict: action packed thriller and entertainer

Rating: 4.2/ 5

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