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Warning This is the place where the people are walking, “said VP Sathyamurthy,

Warning This is the place where the people are walking. ”


Today the cinema industry needs the “oxygen” distributors …

There are tragic videos that have been so good that they are good films.

It is a good dealer to find good pictures and get it in the form of a perfectly distributed good dealers named Clapboard Productions V. Sathyamurthy.

V. Sathyamurthy, who debuted as an actor and producer for the film industry

After a long time, Sageindranath directed a nice day to watch Vijay Seethi’s heroine and said, “All of the people are going to be in the place of the alert” Sathyamurthy.

Timeline Cinemas and Sundaram Annamalai Productions film companies. Prepared ..

Editing …. Karthik Jogesh

Product Management … Satish Raghav

Production .. C.P. Ganesh, Sundar Annamalai

Written and directed drive ….

He is the director of Mau, Lakshmi, who is popular in YouTube.

He also worked as assistant to Mani Ratnam AR Murugadoss.

The story of the film and Maheshmi’s movies are well-known and the legendary Rajesh Nayanthara,

When asked about him …

This is a movie thriller … Warning This is a thriller movie in the title of the place where people are walking …

Satyaraj is a retired police officer with a powder clipper.

We are talking about Kidnap

Cinematography … Sudarshan Srinivas

The music … the Sundaramoorthy KS ..


Art … Vijay Adi Nathan

Dancing … vijaycatiscaanusacasvami

Stunt … Michael in Mirror

Shooting at locations like Pondicherry, Chennai

The movie board seen by the film was honored by Satyamurthy

The movie is getting released this month … the director said …

It is noteworthy that Clapboard Productions is currently producing the film that can not be run and can not be streamed with youthful popularity … The music release of this film is going to happen soon …

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