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The Only Way To Win Is Now, Kamal Haasan Talks!

World hero Kamal Hassan has begun a new party in the name of the People’s Righteousness and is actively involved in politics. Volunteers in the other party are joining the People’s Justice Party.

Yesterday, more than 200 people from New Delhi, led by Pradeep Kumar, joined the People’s Justice Party in the presence of Kamal Haasan in the arrangement of Pooja Jegatheesh Kumar.

Speaking at this meeting, Kamal Haasan, world leader, came to seek love and sincerity and I was looking for it. That’s why we have attached it. You are the ones who gave me the way. What’s going to happen anymore.

This meeting should be to motivate the government or build the state to do what we need, not just for the march. I am confident when you see me. The only way to win is to speak emotionally

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