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Without The Problem Of Success: Director Bhagyaraj Talk!

The film is formed entirely on the participation of newcomers ‘joy riots’. Kranti Prasad directed the film. Vici on behalf of Sri Guru Cinemas Reddy has produced timma. The film’s audio release function was held at Prasad Lab Theater.
Q songs of the film director. Bhagyaraj released.
He was speaking at the ceremony
“Here in the boat team when you see me, is amazing. Here everyone stumbled suffers Tamil tries to speak in Tamil speaking, those interested were amazing. Here the protagonist Aryan speaking Tamil in different words of tracking down and talked. How does a marvelous this time. Me, Tamil ilaka Kanappati will speak words to speak. Kranti Prasad Telugu and Tamil people to accidentally put the Tamil movie director, he has to work to organize people from different seven languages. The director Kranti Prasad said here had been speaking to a number of issues in the film – if the issue comes to success in life. The success of the Moth Can ikkavum. I keep writing in my diary, “The problems are not the brake lines. The guiding lines “that.” The age of sixteen, “The problem we’ve encountered. For us it was the first film director, assistant director, my first film, the first to be on the program schedule from Bangalore and Mysore. We had gone along with the plan to hold a month of shooting. Went out to eat in the hotel will cancel the shooting. Who had to return to the city on pace, the start of his mutalpata If you have been to our director? My first film I directed in the same pattern as the first “Art without walls” began with a prayer for my friend even had to agree to something when eating biryani problems in epilepsy has come. So the question everyone will be able to enjoy the success that comes after the question. If you know the value of the circuitry in the sun’s shadow. While rice is grown in the village say vilaintuvit firewood, but for what? Veratti for what? Nodded.
I saw this movie’s songs. Unable to decide if this type of film. I’m excited to see the movie. ” said.
Festival director Kranti Prasad explained: “The newcomers, film, film songs very well there. However, nobody has come before. Song listening better to leave that there. Who is cast newcomers that do not’d tell. Finally janli Music bought utaviyul larkal. I ask innovation If you do not buy Highways Why? Today, popular all newcomers at a time, right? ” said.
Civanak on the occasion of the composer, actors nirant, Rudra avra, Aryan, Jay jekanat, Rahul C kalyan, kelatami, Shivani, apeksa, songwriter Brian. Editor Kranti Kumar, Telugu director Rajasekhara Reddy were present.

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