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Yentha nerathilum Movie Review

Rex(Ramakrishnan)with his family in Ooty, which comprises of his dad, elder sister(Sandra Emi)and her husband (Yashmith). As the Story Begins Rex meets Bharathi(Leema)and falls in love with her so called love at first sight. After a few intial mix-ups Bharathi also reciprocates.Later when Rex takes Bharathi to introduce to his family, seeing her the family is shocked .why were they shocked after seeing Bharathi ? to get the answer watch the movie at your nearest theatres.

Ramakrishnan does a fair job to his role both in emotional and romantic segments, Leema Looks pleasing,Yashmith has less screen space but delivers a neat performance,Sandra as Ramakrishan’s sister is also seen in a negative shade in this movie which seems good,Singam Puli’s Comedy scenes seem Force fitted in the film.

Written And Directed by Muthukumar the story of the movie is normal as horror stories , a revenge story, screenplay is a major drawback to the movie as you feel lag at many places, cinematography could have been better, you feel as if it is recorded from a basic camera, editing was apt for the movie ,Music is the major plus to the movie , background score was too loud.

Verdict: A Once Watch Thriller



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