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Yokipapu Natraj – Manisha Yadav, Who Plays The “Chandi Muni”

Shivam Media Works, which produces the image of the company that produces expensive film “cantimuni” named ..

Natraj idol stars in the movie as …

Manisha Yadav plays the heroine. Yokipapu plays the most important role. Super Subbarayan plays the villain.

And the movie, Aarti, vacuvikram, Muthukalai, cupparkut Subrahmanyam, Crane Manohar, Anjalithevi, ciniyammal, Katara, Bhupathi, vicittiran, kullacent in, Shanti, Anand cast.

Cinematography – Rajagopal Senthil  

Music – ris the incline

Editing – Bhuvan

Art – Muthuvel.

Songs – vakaruppan

Dancing – Brinda, Dinesh, Lawrence Siva Siva Rock

Stunt – Super Subbarayan

Product Overview – Kumar

Product – Shivam Media Works

Milkaescelvakumar story, screenplay, dialogue and direction. Raghava Lawrence, who served as assistant to the Muni 3Kanchana 2 film. This is the first film he directed.

The film opens on July 27th Palani. Following 45 days of Palani, Pollachi and Udumalpet and is complete with a walk in the surrounding areas.

Milkha S Selvakumar said the director about the film …

This is a horror film. The role of Civil Engineer Natraj Chandi.

Manisha Yadav Radhika plays the teacher. Family comedy with horror the cantimuni creates entirely subject.

The battle between the ghost of a woman who was caught between the two of muli Natraj character called the Chandi. I learned the lesson of the exciting horror film, which will be the place to be, says Milkha S. Selvakumar appatiovvoru katciyume commercial cocktail.

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