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As the youngest Lion Mahesh Babu starrer “nencamellam multi-color

Mahesh Babu, who plays the youngest lion

                                   “Nencamellam multi-color”      

Rolls Back to Des Moines Pride Media (Pvt Ltd   ) On behalf of pataniruvanam mehapu the film was produced by Pasha     “Nencamellam multi-color”

In Telugu, “citamma vakityo cirimalle thrift” in the name released   This is reflected in the kind of film that had miraculously AP tiraiyulakinare tons of money.                                                                                                                                                   In this film, Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh worked heroes. As a tribute to the heroines, Samantha roles. And Prakash, starring ravrames.

Music   –     Mickey jemeyar

songs    –      Amanraja, cutantiratas, Eknath, umacuppiramaniyam, Cargo arunparati, rajaraja, racankar, pacapik, tamilpriyan Nasir.            

Editing     – niveta Studios wealth.

Direction   –    Srikanth. He has already directed the newcomers   “Stabbed Bangaru lokam” had won a landslide victory.

Has the transcript of the dialogues for this film   ARK rajaraja

Manufacturing   –   Rolls Bright Media (Pvt Ltd   ) Mehapu Pasha

ARK rajaraja asked about the film …

Telugu cinema with this film   Even beneath the rod, only the illusion of speed takartterintullatu recital macalattanamana screenplay.

The script has been set up to focus exclusively on family ties. Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh brothers acted. Mahesh Babu in the film as well as the youngest of the youngest, followed by the lion image appeared. It is very fond of her fans. Rich text, picture and then say the name of Tamil makespapuvirku nencamellam are several color. Prakash is an important role in this film survived.   The film is soon to come to the screen.

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