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ZI-Clinic CoolSculpting Inaguaration

Body weight increases cholesterol freezing cells, physique virumpiyappati carve ‘kulskalptin the new surgical clinic was established in the medical technology Zee is located in Chennai.
The induction ceremony will be held at Hotel Leela Palace in Chennai

The leading actress Hansika inaugurated. During this, the Managing Director of GL Clinic, Medical expert Dr. V. Sethuraman, fitness consultant Ajit Shetty, Nutritionist Veena Sekhar, alarkan India Managing Director Sridhar and others were present.

Subsequently, ivvilavirku varukaittanta Hansika special guests, Dr. V. Sethuraman, Ajit Shetty, Veena and Sridhar were the clinical cikiccaikkurittu explained.

So, while receiving treatment with this new technology, which won the College of Abirami wife Gauri and Bharatnatyam artist who shared their views. The forum was held with these comments.

‘Kulskalptin the freezing fat cells, the body weight will decrease treatment to the modern medical technology that determines the standard for the world’s leading food and medicine F. de A. (FDA) has permission to accept an international organization.

We wonder our bodies are changing. We’re trying hard for that many times. Irukkavec stubborn fat cells in the body, have adopted the practice of healthy living do. Many people are worried about their body’s excessive koluppukalaip. For many of them the ‘kulskalptin’ by the medical technology strategy, they have removed the fat cells in the body after learning that stays stubborn, their confidence has increased.

Even without taking proper diet and exercise, the fat cells in the body to eliminate them, this medical procedure is safe and complete palanaittarakkutiyatu-surgical medical experts say.

For many, proper exercise, diet to follow. But even if they are in their fat cells of the body would not have thought about removing far enough. But the treatment of kulskalptin receive the big change in their healthy lifestyle. They then cenrukkontirukkatu mantamakac practical life. Will tour with enthusiasm.

Medical treatment to reduce cholesterol in today’s date, non-surgical medical treatment of the first ten places in this ‘kulskalptin’ one of the modern medical techniques. This medical treatment approved by the F. D. A. In India, the largest organ in the revolution has to occur.

Four times per week or four-day exercise, healthy, preserve, protect and proportional physique as nutritional food intake .. Even if all of the following, you might be considered .. If you have a beautiful appearance. Fitness consultant’s advice and guidance as needed. What does he do for exercise? Whether, to what to do, how to dine presents. Even after all these things that will come to your stature and there is no guarantee that you will remember. At the same time, there are no shortcuts. There is no solution to reduce your weight kulskalptin. But your physique will help you greatly desired to set up.

What kulskalptin?

Kulskalptin special treatment for getting a beautiful physique. This non-surgical. Clinically proven treatment method. Remove the unwanted fat cells in the body freeze therapy or treatment that crash. The technology is based on kiraiyolipalisis chilling. And to freeze fat cells selectively, keeping it at certain temperatures to destroy it, then exhaust it without damaging nearby tissues used in this clinical strategy. Once these cells die naturally out of the body.

It is the process of removing fat cells. The required level of fat cells in our body would be permanent. In addition to these cells while not significantly increase the weight increases. The cells already become very large. In this case, if the zoom curukkamataiyac reaching the cells, decrease in body weight. When receiving the treatment for getting utalamaippup beautiful kulskalptin, the treatment of the recipients can receive ennattirkerpa anatomy.

The non-surgical medical treatment kulskalptin, India’s leading cosmetic surgery is carried out exclusively by experts. F. D. A. This treatment has been approved.

About kilinikkaip Zee …

The Executive Director will be Dr. V. Sethuraman, skin specialist, but also experts in cosmetic skin surgery. His skin, hair, buff appearance, appearance of young talented treating.

He became interested in this field, traveled to many countries of the world, where the special treatment given to the rest of the infinite desire to know what it has to offer in India. He has eight years of experience in dermatology clinic kasmetik this haunt has been launched. He is in charge of international fair treatment should dream of.

Our Chennai in India’s growing medical capital, nanavakkuvatark his dream and for this purpose the quality of medical treatments available for all functions of GL Clinic.

The aesthetic quality of modern treatments for these Zee hospital reasonable fee, F. de A. Authorization has been provided with medical equipment. Securely, quickly and acts as the real concern.

Here young and talented team of medical experts. These modern cikiccaikalaipparriyum, direct experience of modern medical equipment have come here with the idea of ​​becoming more beautiful with the right to working with them to implement the idea of ​​happiness.

Here, every special kankanipputanum varukaittarum seriously cikiccaiyalikkirom. To know more details www. ziclinic.com the Internet browsers.

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